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AppsTraka Product Information

To introduce AppsTraka, we are offering a special promotion! Only $69.95 U.S. for the full version until August 18, 2022! Click here to order now!

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AppsTraka Overview:

A powerful security program you can use to paint a very clear picture of how others are using your computer. You can set it up to log all open windows, including title, time, and duration, and to save screen shots of your desktop at a regular interval of your choosing. Beyond surveillance, AppsTraka allows you to deny access to any programs on your computer, based on the current user. You can simply deny access altogether, impose a time limit, or require a password to access any program you add to the secured list. You can also hide items from the Start menu and select drives. You can run AppsTraka in stealth mode, making the program all but undetectable, or make it as visible as you wish, complete with warning messages. It's remarkably easy to set up and use andprovides excellent surveillance and security measures.

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